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LampLump is a platform that gathers essential
resources for any entrepreneur that wants to develop
a successful startup or company.

What do you get by
joining our platform?

We are aiming to create an environment where creativity meets experience.

A digital hub that stimulates cooperation between entrepreneurs, investors, and key people in the startup ecosystem.

That is, seasoned professionals that can provide expertise, advice, introductions to powerful connections, or even investment for your project.

Basically, everything you need to succeed in the business world. More specifically, Incubators & Accelerators, Experienced Mentors, Business Angels, VC companies… These are the sort of profiles you will meet inside our Digital Community.

Our current stage
of development

For now, the LampLump platform is under construction, but we never stop.

We are creating a “pilot” community with selected people in order to test different features and improve the user experience.

In this process, various test runs and other events will take place. If you want to take part in this stage, follow our social media accounts to stay updated about everything we are doing at LampLump.

These events will provide us with useful data about users’ interests, difficulties, and needs; also with important feedback from you.
All of that will help us improve your experience as a user as we move into the future. And most importantly, by joining these events you will:

Do you want to learn
more about us?

If you are an Entrepreneur (pre-seed entrepreneurs included) or a professional who likes to closely monitor the latest developments in your business field, feel free to contact us at

Otherwise, you can leave your email, a brief summary about you and your project so that we can include you in our journey, right from the start!

Make sure to follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn to be a part of our developments! Great things are coming!

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